Hello! I’m Alisha – your web and social organizer!


Hello! I’m Alisha!

I’ll be writing blog posts to prepare you for Startup Weekend Lancaster and I’m really excited to be an organizer for this event. I went to my first Startup Weekend in Philadelphia in April 2012. I had a blast and my team, CreditCardio, won 2nd place in the competition. I’ll admit – I was nervous before the weekend and continued to be nervous as it started. I wasn’t sure where I would fit in, what I was going to do, and I didn’t even pitch on Friday night (more on that later)! But Startup Weekend was an experience that I know many others would like to have – and Lancaster, PA is close to my heart (I studied at F&M) so I’m super psyched to help bring it there for a second year!

In addition to writing blog posts each week I’ll also be managing the facebook and twitter pages and I’m more than willing to answer any questions you may have or just talk to you about what socks you’ll wear that day. So feel free to email me. :)

I’ll also be providing site updates. Any time there’s a change in our sponsors, coaches, judges, or schedule (or anything, really) I’ll be sure to update the website. And, with my blog posts, I’ll let you know if there’s anything new and exciting!

For now – why don’t you check out our Sponsors, Coaches, and Judges via our homepage and get associated with the schedule. You can even checkout the Startup Weekend site  and get familiar with the event a little!

If you’re already convinced Startup Weekend is for you – you can get a ticket here and come spend 54 hours with myself and the other great organizers taking a business from concept to creation.

Stay tuned for more information on the different roles of participants in Startup Weekend!

If you have questions about Startup Weekend, or just want to say hi, email us at lancaster (at) startupweekend (dot) org (or you can click the contact button on our home page).

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