Presentation Order!


This is it. The final (less than) hour.

We have 4 amazing teams that will begin presenting at 5:00 pm.

As long as the internet cooperates we’ll be streaming the presentations.

The teams will present in the following order:

  1. Shotty
    Shotty is a real-time ride sharing app that connects passengers with drivers in their community for both local and long distance rides. The app is targeted toward university students.
  2. Speyou
    To create a mobile app that allows users to post anonymously and to run filtered reports.
  3. Getaway Hero
    Getaway Hero offers custom-curated travel ideas based on your personality. Through our unique algorithm that analyzes your lifestyle preferences, we’ll put together out-of-this-world itineraries for YOUR perfect getaway. Plus, we make it easier than ever with one-click booking and you can earn free travel bookings by becoming a Getaway Sidekick and sharing your unbelievable experiences with others!
  4. Track My Lessons
    We create tools for teachers and administrators to track their progress and manage compliance.

Good luck to all teams! Can’t wait to see your products!